Death Of Us is now available!

Avery, CD Release Show @ The Kaleidoscope, 4:6:18 (Album Artwork)

We had a great release show and can’t thank everyone enough for being there. Thanks, especially, to Sleepy Limbs, The Twindows, and The Kaleidoscope!

Our full length, Death Of Us, is now available on BandCamp for $10. Just follow the link:


CD Release Show, April 6

Avery, CD Release Show @ The Kaleidoscope, 4:6:18 (Flyer)

The CD is recorded, mixed, mastered, and being printed as we speak. Come check out some new songs at our release show on April 6 at The Kaleidoscope in Lancaster, PA! Joining us will be Sleepy Limbs and The Twindows.

Well, well, well…

It’s been a while and a lot has happened – we got a new bass player finally (welcome to the band, Jeremy), we started recording our first full length at The Kaleidoscope in Lancaster, PA, we played a lot of Weezer songs, Ben took the honor of having played the most Avery shows as Nick had to miss the party on New Years Eve, and much more.

We have some exciting news coming up, including details about our upcoming record release show. We probably won’t be focusing on the website as much because it’s stressful and no one visits it aside from Nick; but, as of right now, everything is up-to-date (or getting there).


Finally something has come up that seems more taxing than acknowledging it’s been months since we’ve done anything with our website. As difficult as it is, we’ve managed to overcome our own laziness and busy show schedule… or laziness long enough to write this little note.

Promise we will be back soon, same website, up-to-date info… up-to-month info. We will probably do it monthly. Miss you!!!

Thanks for an awesome show!

Avery, Upcoming Shows

We had a great time with Metalwülf and Night at Bube’s on Friday. Thanks to everyone who came out to show their support, thanks to these two awesome bands, thanks to Joe and Cam for working hard to bring everything together, and thanks to Bube’s for continuing to be an awesome source of support for local bands and musicians! Added a few pics to the SHOW HISTORY page.

We have a pretty intense schedule coming up, including our first show in Philly on April 26 at The Barbary. Check out the UPCOMING SHOWS page and hit up the event pages for all the events and let us know you’ll be there!

Avery, Metalwülf, and Night @ Bube’s

Avery, 4:7:17, Bube's Brewery

On April 7, we will be back at Bube’s in Mount Joy with Metalwülf and Night. We have some exciting news about some stuff going down in May – we’ve actually already told most people about it ssssoooo… keep an eye on our Upcoming Shows page!

The Show History page has finally been updated with all the info, lineups, sets, and pics from our busy schedule these last couple of months. Avery had some pics taken by Zac Kreider at our 3/3 show at The Lizard Lounge, which we will have up soon and we’re getting some big boy pics done this week – so I guess things are getting pretty serious. Smooch.

Lastly, we recently did an interview with The DAMN Podcast that will be released soon – it was a great time, thanks to those guys for doing what they do!

2017… hi!

Avery Logo

Finally got around to updating the site, check out the Show History section for info on what we’ve been up to. 2016 was a blast and 2017 is already going strong:

We’ve got some awesome new merch that we’d love to see everyone rocking so hit us up at any of our shows or anywhere you see us to snag some! Don’t forget to pick up our EP, Year Of The Cat, on our BandCamp page.


Last weekend we played our first show with Jon Smith who will be joining us on guitar. Welcome aboard Jon! Look for him at the next show.

Speaking of shows, we have a few in the works, including 2/24 with Music In Feathers, Sleepy Limbs, and Night at The Depot in York. Keep an eye on the Upcoming Shows section for details.

Avery’s End Of 2016 Schedule


Avery has three awesome shows coming up this month – come help us celebrate the end of 2016! Let any of the guys know if you want a ticket for the Bottling Works Live show at Bube’s on 12/19. They are $10 and look awesome! Tickets should be available soon for the show at the Chameleon Club on 12/30. They are also $10, which saves you $2 by getting them ahead of time!

We are also excited to be heading to Bensalem on 12/23 for a show at Andalusia Bar & Grill. Thanks to Seeing Snakes for getting us on the bill. Check out the Upcoming Shows page for more information!

New stuff, Bottling Works Live @ Bube’s!


Finally updated the Show History page and added new pictures. Check it out!

On December 19, we will be opening for Semiotics at Bube’s Brewery for the an episode of Speed Of Sound Production’s Bottling Works Live. This is an awesome way of highlighting local music and musicians, so check out the event page and tell us you’re coming!

Where’s Joe Fuscia?

A message from our Facebook Page:

Since our dear friend and brother Tom moved to Florida, we have been extremely lucky to have Joe Fuscia playing bass for us. anyone who has ever met Joe knows he is a wonderful human being – he is super talented, always works hard, and always plays with passion. Our sound has taken on a new edge now that he has started adding his ideas to our songs and performances, and it doesn’t seem right to continue to refer to him as a fill-in (which is why we added him to the lineup in the “About” section you’ve probably never looked at).

We consider Joe to be a part of the Avery family and hope to play many more shows with him. We have some big plans in the works, and are going to be throwing ourselves hard into 2017. Time to take Avery up a notch… BAM!